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Butea superba and a sense of sexual accomplishment

Mark Fisher

Feeling great from great sex is different from feeling great from drugs.

Sure, drugs can make you feel good, somehow. But I am not even convinced that this is true.

Sure, if you are addicted to nicotine, smoking cigarettes makes you feel better. And if you are addicted to heroin, it's the same.

I don't smoke. I did as a boy, but stopped it when I decided that good sex is the only thing I care for.

I am sure that good sex feels good. I am not sure whether marijuana, LSD, smoked opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine actually do.

Sure, these substances all make me feel something. Amphetamines and cocaine make me feel excited in a positive mood. But the stimulation also feels fake.

Most certainly, opiates reduce pain sensation. For pain management, they are a necessity.

But when on opiates, I also know that I am not competitive. Consuming opiates is like opting out. Like deciding that I will be not just a junkie, but human junk. Not worthy anybody's love.

And the same self-reflection applies when drunk.

I have long stopped consuming alcohol. I prefer to solve my problems, rather than drown them. And I want to be worthy of love, and I want good sex.

There is a fundamental difference between drugs and herbals for better sex. On the face of it, cocaine and butea superba seem similar because both influence libido. But the fundamental difference is that cocaine substitutes natural libido, and butea superba just supports it.

And one more thing here. I remember the first time I had non-penetrative sex as a teenager, and I remember the first time I had full sexual intercourse.

The kick that I got out of this was profound. It lasted much longer than the physical sensation. It lasted for days, even weeks. It was a sense of accomplishment. This were achievements that defined me as a person. I did it!

But with street drugs, even when they feel good, I sense that I am a failure.

Now I am much older. But I can, sometimes, still sense sexual achievement.

If my sexual desire is sufficient, I have great sex and sound erections without Viagra or similar stuff. And orgasms that make my heart beat deep.

The whole thing takes a bit longer. That's great. I want it to last. Most girls or women prefer this anyway (I am not consorting prostitutes, who see economic advantage when customers who frequent them are done quickly... Time is money).

Viagra and Cialis are crutches. They make sex possible but not good. Orgasms are weaker, and the sense of accomplishment is lacking.

I know that the problem of most men with erectile dysfunction isn't one of the penis. It's a problem of the mind, an absence of enough sexual desire.

And that's why butea superba, best in combination with tongkat ali, is way better than Viagra and co. Long live good sex!

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Why sexual enhancement with butea superba, tongkat ali, and krachai dam will make you healthier

Mark Fisher

Look, I don't mean that these three botanicals treat any specific disease. But there is a semantic difference between avoiding a disease and overcoming a disease, even though the outcome, for practical considerations, may be pretty much the same.

But for the first task, you need a good immune system (and possibly our sexual enhancement herbals) , and for the second a good physician and the products of the pharmaceutical industry.

On the face of it, we may be selling botanicals like butea superba, tongkat ali, and krachai dam. But what we really sell is better sex.

Because the sum of components can be more than just the addition of components. It's just like with a car. A car is more than the addition of an engine, tires, a steering wheel, etc. A car is flexibility, a new quality that isn't inherent in any of its parts by itself.

Optimal health with a strong immune system, likewise, is a new quality that isn't yet inherent in any of the herbals by themselves, even though they may enhance specific sexual parameters.

Optimal sex is a philosophy. Here we are, single-minded, to get the best out of life.

And optimal sex goes a long way towards optimal health. Because optimal health depends on an optimal immune system. And two daily events in every person's life do a lot to shape a person's immune system: optimal sleep, and optimal orgasms. Daily please. Undisturbed please.

This is what we are here for: to help you achieve your sexual potential. Whatever your age. And thus aide in health and life extension.

And you should at least test whether the tongkat ali / butea superba blend will get you back on track.

The tongkat ali and butea superba I sell, as well as a few other items, have all been manufactured by Sumatra Pasak Bumi (

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