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Excited about tongkat ali, butea superba, krachai dam

Mark Fisher

Consistently high levels of testosterone are essential for optimal sex, bodybuilding, and general health. However, any pharmaceutical agent used to induce increased testosterone synthesis looses its effectiveness as the body gets used to it and initiates a negative-feedback loop.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi, with website, has therefore come up with a regimen to alternate the two only genuinely androgenic herbals, tongkat ali and butea superba. Both herbals have been shown to increase testosterone in numerous scientific studies, but they do so on entirely different pathways.

tongkat ali orgasm

A bleeding butra superba root. The red sap, which is the basis of butea superba 1:120 extract, is highly androgenic in men.

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tongkat ali orgasm

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A large number of women are willing to compromise on any topic, even outdated religious regulations, if the effect is that the decline of their sexual value is stopped.