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Emotions are just biochemistry

What we are

Qualia, emotionally tagged memory

Supercomputers are not life

Our self in the midbrain

Sexual desire as essence of life

The older you are, the more you benefit from marijuana

Sexual motivation in roundworms and humans

Tongkat ali

Tongkat ali or cheap shit

Miserable taste, but not tongkat ali (because it's kratom)

Fake 1:50 and 1:200 extracts

Con artist tricks in the tongkatali retail trade

Check your tongkat ali source

Buying tongkat ali

Why you should not believe Ebay feedback

A crime never punished - selling fake tongkat ali on Ebay or websites

Tongkat ali scam with forged and irrelevant government licenses

Tongkat ali Wikipedia spam

How to protect yourself against tongkat ali scams

Cleaning up scams on the tongkat ali market

The tongkat ali ethanol / alcohol extract scam

Tongkat ali purchase rules

Worldwide tongkat ali shortage

The tongkat ali revolution

Restoring youth with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali for date rape

Tongkat ali, testosterone, and aging

Tongkat ali also for women

Intense orgasms with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali inhibits aromatase and phosphodiesterase

Spontaneous pregnancies with tongkat ali

Testosterone levels more than doubled with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali reliably cures migraines

Helping women achieve orgasm

Eurypeptides and bogus science

What are the active ingredients of tongkat ali

Scientific proof for tongkat ali

How safe is tongkat ali

Questions about Libidus and Maxidus

Tongkat Ali coffee banned

Malaysian concern about arsenic poisoning

Increasing penis size with tongkat ali

Larger testicles from tongkat ali

Penis and testicle size after tongkat ali use

What is a tongkat ali penis?

Tongkat ali to increase libido

Tongkat ali and weight loss

Tongkat ali now patented for weight loss

Physical improvement with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali and athletic performance

Life extension with tongkat ali

Tongkat ali curing cancer

Tongkat ali reduces blood pressure

Tongkat ali studied as cancer treatment

Tongkat ali effective against cervical cancer

Tongkat ali for overall health

Why tongkat ali is the ultimate intelligence-enhancing medication

Tongkat ali cancer therapy

Tongkat ali and stearic acid

Better sex, more muscle

Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics

Improving sexual function

Heavy metals in Malaysian tongkat ali

Why I write about tongkat ali


La rivoluzione tongkat ali

Aumento del tamao del pene con Tongkat Ali


The Internet and Marijuana

Underestimated marijuana

Why Western culture needs marijuana

Marijuana and intelligence

Marijuana and love

Marijuana and sexual hallucinations

Marijuana cure for racism


Yohimbe and erectile dysfunction

Yohimbe and other sexual enhancement medications

Yohimbine pharmacology

Scientific articles on yohimbine

Does yohimbe increase penis size?

Yohimbine overdose management

Yohimbe or yohimbine - which is better?

Review of yohimbe products

Yohimbe Fuel

Yohimbe compared

Yohimbine plus Viagra

How yohimbine and sildenafil citrate (Viagra) work

Yohimbe combined with bromocriptine or deprenyl

Is yohimbine a MAO inhibitor?


Bulk apomorphine

Sexual enhancement with bromocriptine

Bromocriptine not just for Parkinson's disease

How does bromocriptine feel - personal experience

How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea

Dopamine agonists

Sexual enhancement approaches

Dostinex - another anti-prolactin ergot derivate

Cabergoline and testosterone

Lisuride causing extreme nausea

Pergolide compared with other dopaminergics

Pramipexole (Mirapex) tested

Amineptine reported to cause powerful orgasms

Ergot - a plant poison used for medications that enhance sexuality

Apomorphine for sexual enhancement

Apomorphine instead of yohimbine?



Testosterone World

Do phytoestrogens make men impotent?

Testosterone modulation

Personal experience with enhancing testosterone as treatment of sexual dysfunction


Damiana - why enhancing estrogens is not advisable

The importance of vaginal tightness

Love drugs that work

Drugs and religions

Pygeum for a lean prostate

Enhancing alprostadil

Death advocacy

Optimal sex and a comfortable death instead of God

Committing suicide

Better alive or dead?

The meaning of life

The other "eternal" life

The idea of a comfortable death

Engineering a comfortable death

What are we living for?

Cosmetic surgery

Nature, our enemy

Who is against drugs?


Better prepare for death

Death, swift and painless

IS strategy and torture

Mind control

Social control

Offering too much sex

Love and sex in arranged marriages

US messing with sexual economics in the Third World

The pursuit of sex in primitive societies

The benefits of jealousy

Sexual satisfaction

Biology of behavior

What is the truth?

Arbitrary moral values

Male solidarity instead of male competition

Penis size in Asia

Sexual arrangements and morals

Promoting sex tourism?

In praise of unfaithfulness

Brain chemistry and improved orgasms

Why I write

Relocate with money

Nature wants us unhappy

Know your enemies, and your allies

Hypothalamic stimulation

How to achieve orgasms with ease

Basics of manipulating

How to make a young woman love you, before she met you personally

Negative feedback

Women's trade unions

How women achieve orgasm

Sexual desires

Enhancing sexual desire

Anti-sexual feminism

The anti-religious effect of drugs

The metaphysical relevance of sexual enhancement

Miserable feminism

Female sexuality

Female promiscuity

Conflicts between genes and self-cognition

Why feminists have all reason to support legalizing marijuana


American religious lunacy

Asian dating

Vang Vieng, Laos - forget it

Sexual market value in Asia

Priests' dialectical sex cover

Political agenda

Living in Third World countries

Language diversity protects against cultural imperialism

Destructive freedom of the press

Geography and love

Language as sexual tool

Is warlordism the political model for the future?

Wealth is a golden-cage trap


A lesbian girlfriend

Structured representation instead of democracy

The disadvantages of direct-vote democracy

The showbiz politics of direct presidential elections

Circumventing law

Anti-child prostitution hypocrisy

Anti-sexual US foreign policy

Personal freedom, dictators, and weak government

Exploiting sexual jealousy in political careers

Liberty dependeth on the Silence of the law

Wrong perceptions about democracy

US International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005

Child torture, child murder in Africa

Taking over territory

The sexual-market-value dilemma

Europe will pray to Mecca

Age discrimination

Constitutions and equality

Mass air travel only benefits carriers

Personal freedom and multiple citizenship

Engineering love

Love - it won't last

Two kinds of love

The seed of love

Do you need love?

Easy technique for engineering love

Love as neuromolecular constellation

Engineering happiness

The engineering of love

Kreutz poetry

Dangerous sex

Read poetry

Absolutely legitimate

Language knowledge makes location-independent


The world's number one marijuana song


Back aches

Cataracts, epilepsy