Check your tongkat ali source

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Many people are worried whether a website they consider sells genuine tongkat ali or fakes.

While I do not make recommendations for specific sellers, I do reply if people ask me whether a certain site is legitimate or selling shit.

On the other hand, everybody can make a quick check on his or her own.

The best indication for a genuine source is proper photographic evidence.

A genuine company, with a genuine product, will usually have proper photographic documentation on their site. This should include some photos of their premises and building structures, some photos on their raw products, and photographic evidence for their distribution claims.

But be careful with the following: some sites simply integrate stolen photos of huge lab facilities that are not theirs at all. A genuine company that publishes photos will make sure that its name is visible in the photos.

The following are NOT proof of a legitimate operation:

1.) Licenses - The only relevant license for an Indonesian source is a "Nomor Depkes". All other licenses only serve the purpose of bullshitting potential fraud victims.

2.) Claims of distributing a wide range of products - It's really easy to integrate on a website such claims as selling all kind of herbal supplements, most of which nobody has ever heard of. It's just a credibility alibi so that buyers have more confidence purchasing the Warez offered at lower prices.

But what they sell is not tongkat ali 1:200 extract by any stretch of definition.

Sometimes I am really surprised how easily buyers on the Internet fall victim to frauds. What would stop those who set up a website with fake documentation to sell a fake product, cooked up of some leaves and tree debris from the nearest park? You guessed it. Nothing.