Increasing penis size with tongkat ali

Numerous scientific studies have shown that properly concentrated tongkat ali extract (not the fakes and not the junk commonly sold as supplements) will raise testosterone levels. The rise of testosterone during puberty is what causes penis growth in boys. Depressing testosterone synthesis through exogenous hormones in bodybuilders causes penile and testicular shrinkake. All of this is well documented in the scientific literature, and even in college textbooks.

Tongkat ali has been shown to raise testosterone. It is alleged that it does so by stimulating the Leydig cells of the testicles to produce more testosterone. This is different from the action of testosterone products, which act like the body's own testosterone and therefore causes the Leydig cells to shut down their production of the hormone. For this reason, all exogenous testosterone products, including anabolic steroids, cause testicular and penile shrinkage.

I do think that this is not sufficiently emphasized by anti-doping campaigns: athletes who dope with testosterone and anabolic steroids will cause their penises to become as small as their thumbs or little fingers, and unfortunately, if exogenous testosterone or anabolic steroids are taken for some time, the loss in size can be permanent. The effect of tongkat ali is the opposite. Because tongkat ali stimulates the body's own testosterone production in the Leydig cells of the testicles, the testicles and surrounding tissue will grow in size. (During puberty, it's a spur in Leydig cell activity, which causes a boy's sexual organs to become the size of a man's. Furthermore, testosterone over-production endocrine disorders during adolescence cause oversized male genitalia.) While a large number of men may consider increased penile and testicular size a benefit in its own right, the mass gain also influences sexual function, especially erections and ejaculations. The erectile and ejaculatory support of tongkat ali is, so it appears, a direct consequence of then increased size of male accessory sexual structures.

Critical organs in ejaculations, as well as erection firmness, are the levator ani muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles can be trained through Kegel exercises (an essential part of commercial penis enlargement programs), which, however, are very time-consuming for limited results. On the other hand, it has been shown in a scientific study that tongkat ali can cause a substantial increase in the size of these muscles in particular (an off-shot of the increased activity of testicular Leydig cells).

A scientific article published in the Archives of Pharmacological Research has now shown that tongkat ali can cause a size increase in male reproductive structures. An abstract of the article can be accessed online at the following URL (please note that the scientific name of tongkat ali is Eurycoma longifolia jack):

I do want to emphasize two findings of the above study:

1. the statistic size increase of the levator ani muscles was "significant".

2. the dosages used were 200, 400, or 800 mg of extract per kg of body weight; this means that for a man of 80 kg, the equivalent dosage would be 16, 32, or 64 gram of extract per day.

3. the tongkat ali extract was used for a full 12 weeks (3 months) without interruption.

Even for the lowest dosage used in the above-cited animal model (200 mg per day per kg of body weight, or 16 gram of extract per day for an adult man), a full bottle of most commercial tongkat ali extracts wouldn't even provide enough for a single dosage.

Because tongkat ali isn't exactly a cheap herbal (as it is harvested in remote jungles), under-dosing is very common for the producers and distributors of commercial tongkat ali products.

Traditional usage in Indonesia is about 50 gram of root, boiled for half an hour. This would be equivalent to 1 gram of 1: 50 extract.

The lowest dose used in the above study was 200 mg of extract per kg of body weight, which would mean 16 gram of extract per day for a 80-kg man. Assuming a 1:50 extract, this would translate into 800 gram of root in a single dosage.

A common product on US health food store shelves offers 50 mg of a 1:100 extract. Do your math. 1 capsule contains the active ingredients of just 5 gram of tongkat ali root. To repeat the above animal-model study, one would need 80 capsules per day.

Of course, because tongkat ali is expensive, some manufacturers who do not want to spend on genuine tongkat ali root stretch their products with cheap bootleg chemicals, mostly sildenafil and tadalafil. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, and tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis.

However, those who sell stretched alleged tongkat ali do not use sildenafil or tadalafil from proper pharmaceutical factories, but rather turn to cheap street sildenafil and tadalafil that has been produced in kitchen labs in China, and is smuggled to Malaysia where it ends up in alleged tongkat ali capsules.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on May. 11, 2004 that "researchers found that Super-X contained the key ingredient in Viagra. A similar herbal supplement called Stamina-Rx contained the active drug in Cialis, another erectile dysfunction drug..."

Stamina Rx is still sold over the web, even though "in 2003, the FDA warned Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the Georgia distributor of Stamina-Rx to stop marketing the drug."

The cited article is no longer available on the San Jose Mercury News web site, but a copy can be seen here:

In Malaysia, were tongkat ali extract has become more than 20 times as expensive as Chinese bootleg sildenafil, the New Straits Times has reported that the Ministry of Health has moved against local tongkat ali companies.

On the website of the New Straits Times, the above-quoted article is no longer online, but you can see the article through this URL:

While I have mentioned above that for many commercial tongkat ali extracts, one would have to swallow all the capsules of a bottle to get a decent dosage of tongkat ali extract, this is actually not recommended because of the uncertainty about the presence of kitchen lab-manufactured pharmaceuticals, such as bootleg sildenafil and tadalafil.

For a link between tongkat ali sales and the sales of the Stamina Rx supplement cited in the San Jose Mercury News article, see I obviously do not recommend to purchase from them. The reason is that in products that contain illegal sidenafil or tadalafil, the drug will likely not come from an official manufacturer but a garage lab in China. There may be all kinds of impurities that can have a very serious impact on a consumer's health.

Please note that while the above-cited scientific study used 200 to 800 mg of tongkat ali extract in the animal model, the manufacturer-recommended human dosage for the 1:50 extract is 1 gram for average users and 2 gram for bodybuilders. I often take 3 gram, but I am a long-time user and I assume I have a good tolerance for the herbal.

If ever somebody should consider to provoke significant penis and testicular size increases with still higher dosages, a proper way would be to increase the dosage gradually, and not to jump to, let's say, 10 gram without previously having tested 8, 6, 4, or 2 gram.

As with any effective medication, one can overdose on tongkat ali. While I have never heard of a human fatality, overdose experiments have been made with lab animals. In a study published in the Thai Journal of Phytopharmacy in 1998, it was established that the LD50 (the dose at which half of the lab animals died) for tongkat ali water-based extract was above 3 gram per kg of body weight. For a 80-kg man, this would be the equivalent of 240 gram (which is more than 100 times the manufacturer-recommended dosage for body builders, and 15 times the dosage at which an increased size of sexual accessory structures was noted in the above animal model). Not surprisingly, a prominent feature of the tongkat ali-poisoned animals was the heavily increased size of their sex organs.

It has to be mentioned, though, that while there is a lethal dose for tongkat ali extract, there are numerous health benefits at standard dosages.



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Larger testicles from tongkat ali

Because tongkat ali (or rather: a tongkat ali extract at a proper dosage) stimulates the Leydig cells to synthesize more testosterone, it is a natural occurrence that testicles will become larger. Likewise, bodybuilders who abuse steroids shut down their Leydig cells and therefore suffer penile and testicular atrophy (a pathological shrinking of the penis and testicles to boyhood size). Many bodybuilders therefore use tongkat ali after steroid cycles to get their penis and testicles back to an adult appearance, or they use tongkat ali together with steroids to prevent penile and testicular shrinking in the first place.

However, as with any pharmacologically active substance, one can overdose with tongkat ali. It is not, for example, advisable to use 5 gram of 1:50 tongkat ali extract per day, as this can have unwanted side effects such as extreme and painful testicular swelling.


I bought some tongkat ali 1:50 extract in October. I have also used tongkat in May / June last year in high dosages, up to 4 grams a day, without any problems except pressure in the head which is normal as I understand.

This time, after a few days moderate use , I got pain in my left testicle and started feeling sick as if I was getting a flue or a cold (no or little fever though).

The pain in my testicle, which was getting swollen, almost disappeared in a couple of days. I have been examined and a small cyst was found - nothing critical. The reason I am starting to suspect tongkat for the swelling is that I've tried using it a couple of times in the period since I got sick and I've felt really reduced the day after taking a dosage of about 1 gram. This can't be a coincidence. I was trying about a week after the infection, or what it was, to take tongkat because I was feeling better, and to my surprise I got worse again and started to feel dull pain in my testicles again. I've been a little reduced all the time up to now and still am, though I'm feeling a lot better - feels just like a weak cold now. Yesterday though, at about 7pm, I took 3 capsules of 400mg 1:50 extract and didn't feel too bad that day though I did get the weak dull pain in my testicles back. Today that pain is a little more pronounced, and I'm feeling like I have a flue coming, just like those last times. My energy levels are really low. The tongkat is working like it usually does in addition to the bad symptoms. I know it is tongkat, I have got to put it that way.

So my question is: Is it possible that there could be spores of fungus in the capsules that has broken out or maybe other things that could make me ill?

I hadn't been with a woman since April so I don't believe it could be a sexually transmitted disease. I haven't been flat out sick either. The one thing I am a 100% certain about is that taking tongkat now will make me fell ill. Nausea is also present. Isn't it so that one can get sterile of the fungus that could be on tongkat ali roots? My doctor gave me antibiotics soon after I got the testicular swelling problem. This didn't make me feel better though.


The symptoms described cannot have anything to do with fungi or bacteria that would be present on tongkat ali extract. If there were fungi or bacteria, they would affect the gastro-intestinal tract, not the testicles.

That said, it seems that the tongkat ali has a pronounced effect on the person who's report is presented above. Because tongkat ali stimulates testosterone production, it can cause testicular swelling. Furthermore, via increased testosterone levels, tongkat ali can also activate the neurotransmitter dopamine. This can cause nausea, apart from having other symptoms such as increased libido. An alternative use of one dopmaninergic drug, apomorphine, which is prescribed in Europe for libido problems, is as an enemic... a medication that induces nausea up to the level of vomitting. As always, the effect is determined by the dosage, and that holds for the tongkat ali, too.



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Penis and testicle size after tongkat ali use

I have tested Tongkat Ali from several other sources before using the one from a North Sumatra company. I didn't have much effect. But I sure feel an effect with 1 gram of 1:50 extract from a legit source. It's like a mixture of the effects of St. John's Wort extract and the synthetic testosterone Proviron. I feel some agitation in the head, a kind of hot-bloodedness, which I feel from Proviron, and the sublime agility caused by St. John's Wort. My experience has been confirmed by others who have used genuine tongkat ali extract (there is so much fake and bootleg tongkat ali on the market, that one has to be careful one gets a genuine product). Some people feel the effect of tongkat ali extract quickly... for others it can take several cycles before the tonglkat ali kicks in at full strength. I have had feedback that the 1:50 works better than the much more expensive 1:200, or any of the 1:100s.

I have never had a weak ejaculation after ingesting 1 gram of genuine 1:50 extract. I assume that ejaculatory force diminishes for any man as he reaches an age of around 50 and beyond, and in that case I am no exception.

The marked ejaculatory support is a measurable pro-sexual effect of the Tongkat Ali extract I use.

I am a scientifically minded person. I like to observe, but even more I like to use measuring tapes, balances, chemical tests, and all the other tools of the laboratory trade.

Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase testosterone. It is alleged that it does so by stimulating the Leydig cells of the testicles to produce more testosterone. This is different from the action, for example, of Proviron, which acts like the body's own testosterone and therefore causes the Leydig cells to shut down their production of the hormone. For this reason, anabolic steroids cause testicular and penile shrinkage. were established for mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs. LD50 means: the dose at which 50 percent of the laboratory animals die. The LD50 values are at more than a gram of extract per kg of body weight.

When the Tongkat Ali-poisoned animals where dissected, several internal organs, such as the liver and the kidneys, were clearly swollen. This is not surprising for any LD50 test, as the above-cited organs are directly involved in the metabolism of ingested substances. More interesting was, in my opinion, that the primary male sexual organs of poisoned laboratory animals also were markedly swollen. This is very unusual.

Testicular and penis size are clearly testosterone-dependent. Every bodybuilder who uses steroids, and thereby shuts down his body's own testosterone production, can easily observe how the inactivity of his Leydig cells cause testicular and penile shrinkage. And it's a spur in Leydig cell activity, which, during puberty, causes a boy's sexual organs to become the size of a man's. Furthermore, testosterone over-production endocrine disorders during adolescence cause oversized male genitalia.

The assumption that tongkat ali extract causes an increase in penile and testicular volume through Leydig cell stimulation is further supported by observations of trial participants who reported a sense of testicular and penile fullness after tongkat ali use.

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What is a tongkat ali penis?

When I was a teenager, I often had a tennis elbow. Now, I'm in my 50s, and I often have a tongkat ali penis.

Fact is, our elbows haven't been designed to hit a ball with a racket for two hours a day. They will get sore.

And I doubt that any man's penis can cope with two hours of penetration every day.

But that can be my schedule when I am in a full tongkat ali cycle with 2 grams of 1:50 extract per day.

Yes, 2 grams a day is double the standard dosage of 1 gram per day. I have even gone to 4 grams per day. I tried 4 grams per day because I wanted to test tongkat ali extract for side effects.

I used open extract that is shipped in pouches. I found out that it is best to mix one's daily dosage with half a glass of orange juice. While tongkat ali is bitter, the orange juice is best suited to mask the taste.

So, tongkat ali side effects. I have had feedback from one bodybuilder who consumed in one go 15 gram of 1:50 extract. He vomited.

Obviously, tongkat ali extract is a medication, not a herb or spice like ginger. I don't know what a 15-fold overdose is for ginger, but I have tried a 4-fold dose of tongkat ali extract.

I did not vomit. Actually, I did not feel any physical side effects. But using 4 grams a day over several days definitely lowered my anger and fury thresholds.

This means that small disturbing events such as a fellow participant in road traffic violating my right of way could, in the span of seconds, raise my anger-related adrenaline tone to maximum levels. In such a situation, I am mentally not far away from just ramming my car into his, and I could fantasize for half an hour about using the steel bar of my steering wheel lock to smash his windshield, and even the driver's head.

Such deeds, of course, would be unwise indeed. I believe that we ought to control and subdue our aggressive impulses, as otherwise, we will certainly land in jail or in hospital.

Uncontrolled aggressiveness can lead us towards doing things, which we later deeply regret.

Alas, this aggressiveness is also a central aspect of being male. And my maleness is something I don't want to interfere with... not negatively anyway.

So I bear with the aggressiveness, though it is a potential disadvantage. A side effect that is dangerous more to my social environment than it is to me.

And yes, there is the additional side effect which I have termed, in the first sentences of this article, a "tongkat ali penis".

Soreness from overuse.

If I have penetrative intercourse for up to 2 hours for several days in a row, my dear member will show signs of skin irritation (redness, soreness), and sometimes even heavy skin irritation (fissures).

Penile skin is thin. You can't rub it for two hours day in, day out, and expect it to remain fully intact. You can't do this with your skin anywhere on your body, even if you use a lubricant.

I cycle tongkat ali extract two weeks on, one week off. Because of the negative feedback mechanisms that rule the endocrine system, cycling is the correct approach for any hormonal therapy.

In this case, cycles are also called for to allow one's "tongkat ali penis" the necessary rest for a few days.

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