Miserable taste, but not tongkat ali (because it's kratom)


Finally, after the drug fakers, the narcotics traffickers have also entered the tongkat ali market, and they try to go mainstream.

eBay is of help.

You can check for yourself (as long as it hasn't been taken off). I also keep a large collection of printscreens... for documentation purposes, and as proof for what I write.

The link between the narcotics traffickers and tongkat ali is an opiate analogue named kratom. [1]

This drug is native to Southeast Asia. In Thailand and China, it is legally treated the same as heroin, and the possession of quantities beyond certain small limits is considered trafficking and punished with the death penalty.

It is also scheduled as a narcotic drug in Australia and an increasing number of other countries.

However, in many other constituencies, the law is still silent on kratom, simply because the drug is not (yet) known and not (yet) circulated to teenage target groups.

But kratom displays all the characteristics of opiate drugs, including causing addiction and severe withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, some characteristics of kratom are even more vicious than those of poppy opiates. Among these is the fact that it is both a stimulant and a sedative. This means that it affords narcotics traders the opportunity to build up addictions in people who initially consume it as a coffee-like substance, or in the belief that they are ingesting tongkat ali.

Tongkat ali is neither a sedative nor a stimulant. If some users complain that they can't sleep after taking tongkat ali, and if the tongkat ali is from a dubious source (such as a Ebay trader rather than an established company), these users have good reason to suspect that their "tongkat ali" is something containing kratom.

Tongkat ali extract, especially 1:200 extract, has a long history of being forged and laced with chemicals and substances like kratom.

The reason is: tongkat ali is rare and expensive. Furthermore, to make a high-potency extract is a strenuous task, taking (from root to extract) at least 2 weeks in cycles of soaking, simmering, sharp reheating (to sterilized) than more soaking and evaporating, until a dry result is obtained. All of this is economically viable only if production is on a large scale.

On the other hand, an "extract" based on crushed foliage (as it may be collected from the ground of any city park) can be prepared in a home kitchen on a gas stove within a few hours.

Of course, if it's just that, people will complain that it has no effect.

Now, pharmaceutical fakers who target elderly men with their "tongkat ali" get around this problem by lacing their concoctions with sildenafil or sildenafil analogues (chemicals similar to sildenafil, but entirely untested in humans). [2]

This kind of "tongkat ali" facilitates erections, so traders can claim that it works.

Numerous such fake tongkat ali products have been pulled off the shelves by the FDA and comparative government agencies in other countries (see the Wikipedia entry on Eurycoma longifolia for references). [3]

But now, with narcotics traders entering the market, it's going to be a case for the DEA, [4] not the FDA.

As mentioned above, it's the branch of narcotics traders dealing in kratom who have discovered tongkat ali.

Why? Possibly because of some unique features, kratom and tongkat ali have in common. The extremely miserable taste, for example.

Furthermore, largely erroneous reports have been circulating on the Internet for some time as to tongkat ali causing sleeplessness and over-agitation.

Low-dose kratom has these characteristics, but not tongkat ali.

Tongkat ali has the power to boost testosterone levels back to youthful (useful) levels.

Aging men can remember how they felt when their testosterone levels were higher. They had more energy, were easier to excite, especially sexually.

But constantly agitated? That's not even pleasant.

Anyway, testosterone is released, and exerts it's effect, in pulses, not as a continuous state. We feel testosterone as a rage of anger, or as a wave of sexual excitement, not as a persistent high.

However, narcotics traffickers are used to a client that wants to feel doped. A client that wants an immediate mental response. Who want to feel certain that they have taken something.

And that is much easier to achieve with kratom than with genuine tongkat ali. That is why they claim that their tongkat ali is more powerful. Of course it is more powerful. After all, it's a narcotic drug, not an adaptogen.

The reaction, of course, depends on the concoction and the amount of kratom leaves mixed into it.

A low amount will just feel like a few cups of tea, a degree of agitation that may even be comfortable.

A larger quantity will be more yohimbine-like.

But one feature that sets kratom apart from theobromine and yohimbine is the addicting character. And, of course, the opiate-style dreamworld of higher dosages (but these will seldom be reached by users who are in the belief that they are consuming tongkat ali).

So, with kratom, the narcotics traffickers have an item that is easy to sell as tongkat ali because of the miserable taste, an item that people feel as agitation (which uneducated users may interpret as testosterone-modulated), plus something that causes people to come back for more (because it's addicting).

It's also something to make money with, because of the high price of the genuine product.

Quite ideal for narcotics traffickers who want to expand their markets beyond that of youngsters looking for a kick. Libido-deprived seniors, and physique-concerned bodybuilders addicted to what they falsely believe to be tongkat ali.



1 Karl L.R. Jansen & Colin J. Prast, Psychoactive Properties of Mitragynine (Kratom), Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Volume 20, 1988 - Issue 4

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3 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Eurycoma longifolia

4 DEA Drug Enforcement Administration, agency responsible for enforcing the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States.

Fake 1:50 and 1:200 extracts


Tongkat ali 1:50 and 1:200 extracts were pioneered by the Medan, Indonesia company Sumatra Pasak Bumi. These products have been on the market for more than 10 years, and have been successful and, most of all, proven safe. Nowadays, it is easy to find out which products are fake, and which are genuine. Just do a Google search for tongkat ali scams or tongkat ali cheats. [1] [2] [3]

However, recently, some fake 1:50 and 1:200 tongkat ali products have appeared on the market.

As always, there is a wide range of problems associated with fake products, from ineffectiveness to a serious impairment of a consumers health. One may buy a fake watch, and its just a little dishonest. But swallowing fake medicines [4] [5] is outright foolish.

If you are unsure about the genuinity of the 1:50 or 1:200 extracts you received, please contact me. I am currently preparing an article on the distribution channels of fake 1:50 and 1:200 extracts and welcome additional input. I may also be able to help with identification, and possibly even refunds and replacements.



1 AR Mullaicharam, Counterfeit herbal medicine, International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological Diseases Year : 2011 | Volume : 1 | Issue : 2 | Page : 97-102

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5 Robert C. Bird, Counterfeit Drugs: A Global Consumer Perspective, HeinOnline, Wake Forest Intell. Prop. L.J. 387 (2007-2008) Vol. 8 No. 3.

A crime never punished - selling fake tongkat ali on eBay or websites


It is really amazing how easily people can be fooled on eBay. One of the latest scams is that petty criminals sell alleged tongkat ali extract over the Internet, especially via eBay.

Of all herbals, tongkat ali is best suited for this scam because it probably is the most expensive herbal of all. It is also not commonly found in Western health food stores.

It is also best suited for scammers in poor Third World countries, [1] as it is a tropical herbal. A Third World eBay scammer who can sell just 100 dollar worth of fake tongkat ali extract to a buyer in the US has already generated more than a monthly Third World income.

With that kind of earning prospects, it comes to no surprise that youngsters in poor Third World countries flock to computer and Internet schools at a much higher rate than their peers in industrialized nations.

Among Internet-savvy youth in Third World countries, eBay especially has the reputation of being a cash cow. Or, depending on your political orientations, a means to justly correct the wealth imbalances between poor and rich countries.

Yeah, fake tongkat ali extract sold via eBay. It is a 99.9 percent safe crime. The danger of a scam victim in California initiating prosecution against a scammer [2] in Calcutta is already almost nil.

And that is just for the initiation of prosecution, such as filing a police report.

The chance that such prosecution would actually result in a conviction, is infinitesimally small. Any conviction (probably anyway just six months on probation) would cost a victim tens of thousands of dollars through private investigation. Why? Because no hard copy exists of the dealings, it's all just in cyberspace. The police in countries like India are not equipped and not trained to deal with eBay scammers.

Talking about money. Doing a tongkat ali extract requires substantial investments, no less than 100,000 dollars even for the cheapest setting.

Now, do you believe that anybody puts down that amount of money and than just runs an ebay storefront and auctions off capsules by the bottle or extract in 50-gram pouches? Some people have strange ideas after being blinded by seeing a tag that advertises a lower price.

So, what do people sell on eBay [3] as tongkat ali powder or extract, loose or in capsules?

The latest invention of tongkat ali scammers, including those operating on eBay, is tongkat ali root powder mixed with ash.

This makes sense, but of course only for scum and scammers.

Because it is now widely known that for the quassinoids in it, tongkat ali taste miserable, it has become difficult to just package saw dust into capsules and sell it as tongkat ali. Many people no longer believe that a product that does taste miserable indeed is tongkat ali.

It's quite easy to mix tongkat ali root powder with ash. To produce a fake 1:50 extract, use 70 percent tongkat ali root powder and 30 percent ash. Ash from burning wood works best. Ash from burning paper is too fine.

To produce a fake 1:200 extract, use about 50 percent root powder plus 50 percent ash.

For best appearance, use a kitchen mortar and a pestle... just the equipment used to ground and mix curry spices.

The result is almost indistinguishable from genuine tongkat ali extract. It looks the same, and it even tastes the same... taste miserable, and typically tongkat ali.

The tongkat ali taste is almost impossible to dilute.

But there are only so many taste receptors in the human palate, and taste receptors respond on the molecular level.

Furthermore, taste receptors are subject to fatigue. This means that tastes get "lost" when taste receptors are stimulated by the same molecule over a rather short stretch of time, or when too many taste receptors get stimulated by the same molecule at the same time.

At any rate, the quassinoids in root powder mixed with ash will taste pretty much the same as a genuine tongkat ali extract.

Another trick used by scum and scammers is to just sell tribulus terrestis and claim it to be tongkat ali.

So how do you determine whether a product you bought, or intend to buy, is genuine or fake?

Use some common sense (and don't be blinded by lower prices).

Companies that exist for a few months only, but brag as if they are a century old, are much more likely to be fake than companies that have been around for many years. And retail outlets on eBay that do not even run a proper company website are almost certainly fake... unless they sell a product of a large manufacturer at a reduced profit margin.

Indeed, many eBay retailers do claim to sell products of large manufacturers, but even these claims are most of the time fake (write to the alleged manufacturer; they are usually more than willing to confirm whether a retailer is authentic or not).

As for websites selling alleged tongkat ali products, you can determine whether a company has been around by a simple whois search. A convenient whois tool is found at:


Furthermore, genuine sites usually reveal all their registration details, and the registration details are related to tongkat ali, while spam-and-scam sites are more likely to be registered as some Internet "optimization" outfit, with further details hidden.

Another good method to find out which sources are likely to be genuine and which are most probably fake, is to look at the product line.

Genuine sources typically have a unique line of products, while scum and scammers will just ride on well established identifiers, such as a formulation or an extract ratio.

If, for example, a new website sells exactly the same items as another site that has been around for 10 or more years, then this new site can only be either a distributor or an impostor.

This is why sites that sell specific formulations like raysahelian.com are less vulnerable to product piracy than companies like tongkatali.org, which has been selling unblended 1:50 and 1:200 tongkat ali extracts for a decade. Anyway, whether a new website selling exactly the same items or alleged items (under the same or a different brand name) of products is a genuine reseller or a spam-and-scam enterprise, is quite easy to find out.

As mentioned above, producers and wholesale companies are usually more than willing to identify their resellers. Usually this just needs a short email.



1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Third World

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3 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, eBay

Tongkat ali Wikipedia spam


Wikipedia [1] is an excellent source of information. We often use it to research on countries, history, scientific problems, and languages.

Yes, it is an excellent source of information. But not on tongkat ali. The entry is just full of spam. Better search Google schoolar for more than 10,000 scientific articles on tongkat ali. The scientific name of the plant is Eurycoma longifolia. To discover tongkat ali scams or cheats, search these terms in normal Google.

If the topic is not tainted by commercial interests.

Once there are commercial interests, you can't trust Wikipedia.

Take the search terms "tongkat ali" and "eurycoma longifolia" as example.

Malaysian tongkat ali traders are notorious for spaming Wikipedia. Their practices include:

* Renaming references to tongkat ali into references to their own products.

* Claims that there is a difference between Malaysian tongkat ali species and the tongkat ali species of other countries, suggesting some undefined benefits towards using Malaysian tongkat ali, [2] rather than Indonesian or Chinese tongkat ali.

* Claims that all the relevant tongkat ali research was done by Malay scientists, when in fact most were Chinese.

* The removal of references critical of Malaysian tongkat ali products, for example because of the heavy metal contamination of Malaysian tongkat ali [3] (which, indeed, has been pointed out by Malaysian scientists).

For all the above reasons, readers should consume Wikipedia information on tongkat ali with caution.



1 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2 Abd-Elaziem Farouk, Asma Benafri, Antibacterial activity of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. A Malaysian medicinal plant, Saudi Medical Journal, Vol 28, No 9 (2007)

3 H.H. Ang, , K.L. Lee, Contamination of mercury in tongkat Ali hitam herbal preparations, Science Direct, Food and Chemical Toxicology Volume 44, Issue 8, August 2006, Pages 1245–1250

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