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Tongkat ali now patented for weight loss

Mark Fisher

For years I have been propagating tongkat ali in high dosages for weight loss. Now somebody patented this idea in the US.

See this for details:

A printscreen of the above article can be read here:

That water-based tongkat ali extract changes body composition in men from fat to lean body mass has been confirmed in a human clinical trial.

This study was published in the Britisch Journal of Sports Medicine.

The scientific index for this study is:

Br J Sports Med.2003; 37: 464-470

An abstract of the study can be accessed via the following URL:

Access is free, but requires a registration.

A printscreen of the abstract can be read here:

The study was made with men. However, it is known that testosterone modulation has a greater effect on women than it does on men. Therefore, it is likely that if tongkat ali water-based extract causes fat loss in men, it will do so more dramatically in women.

However, those intending to use tongkat ali for weight loss should be aware that the tongkat ali available in health food stores in Western countries is low-ratio and low-quality, and that a lot of the extract sold on Internet spam sites is fake, and/or mixed with cheap other stuff.


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