Tongkat ali, testosterone, and aging

You are as old as your testosterone is low. It's as easy as that. If you are a man, how attractive women will perceive you depends not on wrinkles, and not even height, it depends on your testosterone. Men with high testosterone infancy have ring fingers that are longer than index fingers. Scientific studies have shown that women find the faces of such men more appealing.

You can't stretch your bones in adulthood. But you can manipulate your testosterone levels with tongkat ali. And just look sexier.



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The tongkat ali revolution

I mean this literally. It's not just that tongkat ali is a revolutionary treatment in that it does what no other pharmaceutical or herbal medication does: which is, to increase the body's own synthesis of testosterone.

Tongkat ali has further implications.

I have once read (but do not know whether this is scientifically confirmed) that in France in 1789, there was an ergot epidemic.

Ergot is a fungus causing disease in grain. Minimal amounts are poisonous to humans. Consumed by humans in below-fatal quantities, it causes a rather violent kind of mental disturbances, accompanied by hallucinations and hyperactivity.

LSD, of course, is an ergot derivate, and so are the pharmaceuticals bromocriptine and cabergoline. Bromocriptine and cabergoline can also be used for sexual enhancement but this is not the topic of this article.

The theory of the role of ergot in 1789 is that then, not only did many people die of ergot poisoning, but, furthermore, too many people got sub-lethal dosages of the poison, and subsequently went on a rampage: the start of the French Revolution.

St. Anthony's Fire wiki/Ergotism

But the tongkat ali revolution will be something else. Though tongkat ali can cause aggressiveness, it's unlikely that it will make people storm prisons. The predominant effect is that they become much more sexual.

I started on the sexual enhancement train some 15 years ago, in the mid-1990s, when I was in my early 40s and sex just wasn't anymore what it used to be. Now I am close to 60, and sex is again, and still, what it was in my 20s.

Actually, sex is now better than it was in my 20s. My potency is the same, but I am now sexually much more literate, and this means that I am more in control of when I lose control.

And it's not Viagra that I credit for this success, though I did use Viagra for a few years. But testosterone-driven erections are far superior to Viagra-engineered erections.

For me, and a good number of other men, Viagra, while indeed having the effect it is prescribed for, also clearly interferes with the quality of orgasms. (This is, by the way, an effect it shares with the old erection boaster yohimbe.)

I am not in the adult film industry. I am also not a stud for hire. Primarily, I have erections for pleasure... my own pleasure. If I were to have a choice between erections without sexual pleasure, and sexual pleasure without erections, I would go for the latter, as I can have an orgasm without an erection, while without sexual arousal, I will not achieve an orgasm even if I do have an erection.

But actually, thanks to tongkat ali, I do not have to choose. I can have it both, or rather, all: the erection, the sexual arousal, and the orgasm, and I can do so twice or three times a day, for weeks on end.

Typically, I interrupt tongkat ali usage for a week after two weeks of usage, but in me the effect stays on a few days. But some people actually have the greatest effect during the off-cycle, which surprisingly also makes sense. Why? Because an elevated level of any hormone, including testosterone, is to produce its antitode to achieve a genetically age-related homeostasis. In some people, the this antidote synthesis as a result of tongkat ali-induced elevated testosterone levels overshoots its target. If then the tongkat ali is taken off the diet, the antidote synthesis will undershoot. Either way, the key to success with tongkat ali is in doing cycles. The effects on tongkat ali cycles on testosterone is like the effect of hot and cold showers on blood circulation. It's a wake-up therapy.

So, what effect does tongkat ali have precisely?

Well, after almost 15 years of usage, for me when I'm on an on-cycle, I could not walk down a city street for a 100 meters without at least once or twice going on a short imagination trip involving a woman I encounter.

You know what I imagine!

And the woman doesn't have to be young or beautiful. She just has to be a woman.

I look at a woman, and I find myself wondering whether she had sex last evening. I find myself imagining how she reacts the moment she has a climax. I find myself contemplating what position, and precisely what sexual practice, she probably prefers.

And I go day-dreaming how we would approach each other, and admit to each other that we both need it.

Well, sometimes the ideas that force themselves onto me a more daring, much more daring. And often, whether daring or just standard, my day-dreaming is accompanied by an erection, just as it was when I was in my 20s, or better even, when I was a teenager.

It wasn't like that before I started with regular tongkat ali use, and for me it's not like that during an off-cycle (when I turn sexually sluggish).

So, what revolution can tongkat ali cause? Put simply, the hope is that when more people are highly sexualized, there will be a groundswell to do away with ever more sexual restrictions.

And not only men, but women too, should go on tongksat ali cycles (with lower dosages, though). For testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire, both in men and women. And the tongkat ali revolution will need a majority of people to succeed.



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Restoring youth with tongkat ali

About half of the inquiries and comments I receive from readers deal with tongkat ali. The following mail, I received from a user in early June 2006. It is reprinted with permission, but without giving the name and email address of the sender. Both are on record. Before making them available on a case-to-case basis in private correspondence, I would certainly ask the sender whether he will agree to this. Here now the mail I received:

I just wanted to thank you for your life-altering tongkat ali information. I'm sure that you are flooded with inquiries and I'll keep this short and to the point. I am 58 yrs old, overweight, mildly diabetic and:

* I've suffered from erectile dysfunction for over 20 years and had initially good results with Viagra and Cialis, [but] favorable results have declined

* Low libido (sometimes non-existent)

* Overall health has dramatically declined

* Arthritis in the knees

* Low/no sex marriage (13 years) due to my inability to get an erection

* Most recently, depression has set in with a complete sense of "worthlessness"

Then I discover tongkat ali (thanks to your website)

I spent many, many hours over the course of 1 year reading up on tongkat ali after first reading your site. Finally, three months ago I ordered bulk tongkat ali 1:50 extract. You're correct, horribly bitter, but I have become accustomed to it now. Here is what has happened since beginning with .5 gram per day, slowly increasing to 2 grams per day. (I've tried 3 and 4 grams per day)

* Spectacular, amazingly, (not only rock hard, but continuing to swell), erections that almost get painful because of the expansion

* My penis curves "up" to 2 o'clock position (haven't seen that since my early 20's)

* The glans "balloons" so large, that now, my "normal" glans size is the same as my glans size is at the moment of orgasm

* While on the subject of orgasms: I know that every male can remember a few times in his life (I remember 3), when the circumstances were just right, the girl was beautiful, the excitement was so high and prolonged that the resulting orgasm was ........well, lets call it "mind numbing", Now, with tongkat ali every.............single........ orgasm, is not only "mind numbing" but I 'd go so far as to add: Toe Curling Earth Shattering Mind blowing Ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition

* My amount of ejaculate volume has at least doubled, sometimes tripled (I now "squirt" again instead of "dribbling")

* Orgasm duration: doubled, tripled (adding to the toe curling, earth shattering mind blowing experience)

* After 3 months diabetes is non-existent

* Sinus allergies disappeared

* Facial wrinkles and furrows reduced by at least 50% (my wife was the first to notice this)

* Facial beard growth increased to the point that I again need to shave twice daily (same like in my early 20's)

* Nose and ear hair growth substantially reduced and/or stopped (known indicators of low testosterone levels)

* Arthritis knee pain significantly reduced to the point where pain meds are no longer needed

* High energy

* Losing weight

* No more moments of depression

* Sex Sex Sex and more Sex

* When I'm not having sex, I'm thinking about sex, when I'm not thinking about sex........well, nm, I'm never NOT thinking about sex anymore !!!

* The sight of some nice cleavage causes an erection (just like in my teens........WOW)

* My testes gently throb continually, and a nerve that is located somewhere deep internally that seems to originate from somewhere near my stomach and goes downward to the deep internal part of my penis and continues toward the glans on the underside of my penis,.......continues to "throb" most of the time! It's actually quite a pleasant feeling.

* I'm constantly aware of my genitals. As I'm walking, my penis and testes seen to be "leading the way" (kinda cool, and again like my teens)

* I'm again weight lifting with amazing results

Well, that's it, and thanks again



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Tongkat ali for date rape

As a herbal supplement that strongly enhances testosterone levels and can sexualize men and women like no other as herbal or pharmaceutical product, tongkat ali obviously has the dangerous potential to be used as a date rape drug. On the other hand, the absolutely miserable taste of the extract does provide a certain degree of security.

Herbal supplements are a darling of such Internet marketing specialists, as well as the whole multi-level marketing community, because the content of such herbal products is poorly controlled, and the profit margins are potentially huge.

Tongkat ali root powder, for example, can be purchased over the Internet at some 25 US dollars per kg. You can fill some 200 mg into a 00 size capsule. That makes about 5000 capsules per kg. Pack 100 capsules into a bottle, and give such a bottle a consumer price of 49.95 US dollars.

The 1 kg, packed into 5000 capsules, that has cost 25 US dollars, sells for roughly 2500 US dollars. With such profit margins, manufacturers can afford to offer not just 50 percent discount to resellers, but easily 80 percent. It still turns 15 US dollars into 500 US dollars, and leaves plenty of room for marketing enhancement, such as beautifully labeled bottles, or nicely designed websites.

For good reasons, I distrust products for which the emphasis is on marketing, not on the product itself.

The best bet, definitely, is to buy tongkat ali only from companies that sell their own product, never from merchants. When you buy from websites look at hints whether they are a real company are just a Internet trader. Check their graphic illustrations. Are the photos of their own facilities or just stolen on the Internet. Is the company name visible in photos?

Tongkat ali extract chemistry

Plants, of course, are mostly made of cellulose, the material that builds cell walls. Cellulose is not pharmacologically active in animals, including those of the species homo sapiens. Beyond that, cellulose also is very difficult to digest (unless you are a cow or another kind of animal that can live of foliage).

Many plants, including eurycoma longifolia (the Latin, scientific name of tongkat ali), also do contain pharmacologically active substances, and this has been the mainstay of traditional medicine for tens of thousands of years.

No culture has researched pharmacologically active ingredients as consistently as has Chinese medicine. Even modern Chinese science focuses much more on the use of pharmacologically active plants than does modern science in the West. Much of the scientific research into tongkat ali has been done by Chinese scientists, and even though the plant grows in Malaysia and Indonesia, the most intensive users in both countries are probably the local Chinese.

Chinese herbal medicine has also applied for thousands of years the techniques of extracting the pharmacologically active substances of plants.

The basics of making extracts are very simple and straightforward: soak and cook in water, throw out the solid material, and you have an aqueous extract (a tincture). The solid material primarily is cellulose, while the tincture contains the pharmacologically active substances; the worldwide most widely used aqueous extract, or tincture, obviously is tea. You brew it to obtain the pharmacologically active ingredients (caffeine, theobromine) and discard the solid material (the leaves).

Liquid tongkat ali extract is produced in the same manner. You need about 10 liters of water for 1 kg of chipped root. Soak it for a day, then bring to a boil and cook for half an hour or an hour. Thereafter the pharmacologically active ingredients are in the water, and the boiled root material (practically just cellulose) can be discarded.

Up to this level, producing an extract doesn't need any high-tech equipment. But now, you have 10 liters of water, which are difficult to sell to potential buyers who are spread throughout the world. You have to get rid of the H2O, and that is where you can apply technologies that are either basic or advanced. You can evaporate the water by simply heating the tincture (which will take days). Or you can intensify evaporation by heating the tincture in a pressurized chamber, or by having dry air passing over the tincture's surface.

The technologies that are applied to evaporate the water of an aqueous extract may be crude or refined, but water evaporation really is all what it's about. If you have evaporated all the water, you have a dry extract, which can be filled into capsules and easily shipped to wherever you want to.



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