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We are different

Mark Fisher

I, and those of my readers who share my ideas… we are different from the majority of mankind in that we are convinced that the one aspect of life worth living for, is optimal sexual experience right to the day we die.

Other people think that is just one issue of many. They forego optimal sex for all kinds of other priorities: a religion, a professional career, a prestigious car, a house on which they pay installments for 25 years, a family with kids. You name it.

And then they are old, and it’s Game over.

Get real! Optimal sex is the only thing worse living for.

If you are still young, choose an education that will let you have better sex, select a profession that lets you have more sex with more partners (don’t run for political office, don’t become famous). Live in a country with a culture that is conducive to your goals all life long (not in the West which discriminates age).

If you are older, and things are no longer as easy as they were, you can still have great sex if you manipulate your biochemistry with effective pharmacological intervention, especially tongkat ali extract and butea superba extract, and best with a combination of both.

Just keep in mind what you want in life. And no bank debts, no credits for car or house, no real permanent address. And, by the way, no Facebook profile to tell a whole lot of people where you are and what you do.

Just freedom and great sex.