Wrong Perceptions About Female Sexuality


Common opinion is that men are genetically predetermined to seek a multitude of sexual partners. That is simple math. Genes in men will reproduce themselves at a higher rate if the man sleeps with a multitude of women.

It is inevitable that therefore, the characteristic of seeking multiple sexual partners is wide-spread among men (as many men are descendants of men who were seeking multiple opportunities).

Common opinion, on the other hand, is that women do not seek multiple partners as much as men do. Rather, they go for a single man, of whom they expect faithfulness.

But wait a moment. If promiscuity is a character trait that is genetically spread by promiscuous men, where is the guarantee that it is carried over only to male descendants?

And then, is the reproductive success really greater by women who have sex only with a man who is a long-term protector and provider?

If we look at some details of female reproductive physiology, it shows that there is a procreative advantage to women who sleep with several or even many men.

The human vagina is designed to store sperm for several days. It can perfectly store the sperm of several men, not just that of a steady partner.

And when the egg descends from the ovary to the uterus, the sperms, whether of one man or several, compete with each other in a swimming race to the egg.

The strongest sperm cell will win, and is likely to result in a healthy child.

But several aspects that make a woman agree to a certain man, such as power and attractiveness, and even youth, are no guarantee for healthy sperm. Only competition between the sperms of several men, or even many men, increases the likelihood of an egg being fertilized by a healthy sperm. Of course, the behavior of humans, whether male or female, is determined not only by genetic factors. Cultural rules play a major role, for females even more than for males. So, female sexual behavior and female sexual desires may be quite divergent.

One funny personal observation of mine is that all the women with whom I had a close intimate relationship revealed a preference for porn videos depicting one woman with several men. And the same applied for verbal fantasies.

No, they did not actually pursue such adventures. There are substantial personal and cultural barriers. But that the sexuality of women is directed only to a steady partner is probably wishful thinking. Of men.



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